How to Remove Mould & Mildew Outside

Removing mould outside

Albex™ Bleach makes cleaning outdoor mould & mildew easy.

1. Protect Plants

Drench the plants near the area you will be working with water. Protect larger plants and shrubs with plastic sheeting.

2. Mix

Mix 1 cup of Albex™ Bleach with 5 litres of water.

3. Wet

Pre-wet the surface to be cleaned with water.

4. Scrub

Dip a scrub brush into the bleach solution and scrub the surface. Reapply as needed in order to keep the surface wet for 5 minutes.

5. Rinse

Rinse the treated area thoroughly.

6. Water

Re-water any nearby plants that may be getting run-off.

7. Dry

Allow to air dry.

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