How to Remove Mould from the Washing Machine

Removing mould from the washing machine

Have you found it difficult to remove mould stains from your washing machine? Easily remove mould with Albex Bleach Foamer. The foam is specially formulated to stick to the surface - this is necessary to remove the mould.

1. Wipe

Wipe the excess dirt and grime off with a cloth.

2. Spray

Spray the area with Albex Bleach Foamer. Make sure to get the bleach foam into all the crevices. Rub into worst affected areas if necessary.

3. Wait

Wait at 30 seconds. Wait for a couple minutes if the mould is really stubborn.

4. Rinse

Run your washing machine on the hottest setting to clean your drum.

*Always check the manufacturers instructions about which chemicals and products can be used in the washing machine before cleaning.

**Overuse of bleach can cause premature wear on rubber seals

PRO TIP: Keeping the seal dry will help prevent mould growth and prevent the need for constant cleanings.

Albex. Just as tough on its price as it is on germs.

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