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"I have read up on "our story" and can only compliment Albex! I am your biggest fan!!

My partner smiles and says: "You love Albex more than you love me!" "I am going to phone Albex and sue them!" I have laughed and happily clean anywhere, even the mildew in showers!


My landlord said: "Nothing takes off watermarks from glass shower doors!" I just laughed and said: "Come, you aint seen nothing yet!" and gave him a demonstration (on a door that was cleaned already), and a free bottle to try the same at his own house and other properties. He is a difficult man, but even he had to agree that Albex definitely does the job!!

I continued to show him how easy it cleans the muddy dog paws of newly painted white outside walls too!


When my kids say: "Mom I have a problem." I stand ready with an Albex Bleach Foam bottle and say, where is it, I'll Albex it!

My mechanic brought my car back after a service and I offered him some tea. I took the dirtiest oil cloth I could find, showed him, sprayed it with a few squirts of Albex Bleach Foamer and left it on the cupboard.

By the time he finished his tea and remarked that nothing would clean that cloth, he was surprised to see the clean spot where I sprayed the Albex! He has stocked up and uses nothing else - Fleet Service Centre in Montague Gardens!


My favourite pose is with two Albex Bleach Foamer bottles in the unholstered cowboy position and saying: "They make my day!" Albex is the BEST! THANK YOU!!!"

—  Charmaine Harvey, South Africa