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I have read up on "our story" and can only compliment Albex! I am your biggest fan!!

My partner smiles and says: "You love Albex more than you love me!" "I am going to phone Albex and sue them!" I have laughed and happily clean anywhere, even the mildew in showers!


My landlord said: "Nothing takes off watermarks from glass shower doors!" I just laughed and said: "Come, you aint seen nothing yet!" and gave him a demonstration (on a door that was cleaned already), and a free bottle to try the same at his own house and other properties. He is a difficult man, but even he had to agree that Albex definitely does the job!!

I continued to show him how easy it cleans the muddy dog paws of newly painted white outside walls too!


When my kids say: "Mom I have a problem." I stand ready with an Albex Bleach Foam bottle and say, where is it, I'll Albex it!

My mechanic brought my car back after a service and I offered him some tea. I took the dirtiest oil cloth I could find, showed him, sprayed it with a few squirts of Albex Bleach Foamer and left it on the cupboard.

By the time he finished his tea and remarked that nothing would clean that cloth, he was surprised to see the clean spot where I sprayed the Albex! He has stocked up and uses nothing else - Fleet Service Centre in Montague Gardens!


My favourite pose is with two Albex Bleach Foamer bottles in the unholstered cowboy position and saying: "They make my day!" Albex is the BEST! THANK YOU!!!

Charmaine Harvey

South Africa

I am sending this message just to say thank you for all your amazing cleaning products. My personal favourite is the Albex Bleach Foamer, this has been my favourite for the past 3 years now and what a awesome product it is. The best thing is that it has now become many of my friends, family and many new acquaintances best experience with a cleaning product. I sincerely hope that the company never discontinues this product as it would be a very sad thing for me. The Albex Bleach Foamer has the ability to make something dirty bright and clean in a short period of time. This past weekend I introduced the product to my sister and she absolutely loved the results of using this product. I showed her its many versatile uses and now she is a Albex Bleach Foamer fan. I purchase this product on a regular basis either once or twice a month depending on how much I use but it is worth every penny I spend. Thank you for an amazing product💯💖👏👌😉

Salwah Abdullah

South Africa

Dear Albex, I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome product and for fixing the cap of the thick bleach bottles! 

On of my lockdown projects has been to thoroughly clean our tile grouting! This happened by accident but the results have been amazing!🤩🤩 Our living, dining, kitchen and bathroom areas are all tiled so once I started there was no going back!! 

Thanks very much for an awesome product!

Andrea Meryl Mew Vogel

South Africa

I would just like to thanks you for the No Flush you have bought out. I have been using it for 6 weeks now (only used 1 bottle in this time) and just have to praise you for the way it works. Saving us lots of water and also leaves a very pleasant odour in the bathroom. I have also just bought the No Stain yesterday and used it on my grandson's white PT top. (I wish I took a before and after pic of it) I was amazed at how well this product works. Definitely will be a regular on my shopping list and the smell is divine. No yukky ammonia smell like other products I have previously used. Will be telling my friends about No Stain (I have already told them about No Flush) Many thanks to your team for these lovely products.

Anita P Kyle

South Africa

With these uncertain times I am at peace knowing that using your products keeps me and my family safe. Thank you for an amazing product. Keep up the great work.

Sonia Albertus

South Africa

I just wanted to say how Incredible the Albex Bleach Foamer works. Every year my bathroom and one room mould horribly in the, because of the climate and no sun on the one side. I have scrub it for hours and hours to clean and then we eventually painted the walls. This year I discovered you amazing products, what we did we spray on the mouldy walls leave it for a few minutes and then just wait it off. My mouth was hanging open not only did I save money but our walls looked like freshly painted walls. My bathroom tiles is clean even the grouting parts in between. 

Nolene Jacobs

South Africa

Two thumbs up for an amazing and affordable product! I grew up in a home where Albex was was used. I am so happy today for one of the good things my mom taught me. Even though I have been using it for years, I stay in awe of your amazing product range that just keeps improving and is so easy on the pocket. Well done Albex!

Bee Williams

South Africa

I started using Albex two months ago. I am over impressed with how powerful this product is. It is definitely much stronger than anything I've used before. From showers to floors & the kitchen. I  even disinfect for the kid's juice bottles and toys. Will definitely stay with Albex. Such great value for money.

Lee-Ann Petersen

South Africa

My son, Chris, ran in the Colour Run, and his white shorts, T shirt & socks were full of different colours. I soaked them in Albex Bleach & after a few hours I washed them & they are now hanging on the line as white as new. Thank you Albex, love your products.

Esme Snyman

East London, Eastern Cape

My mother in law introduced me to albex a few days after we are married and haven't been using anything else for the last 26 years now. I even use a little when I do my dishes and floors.

Ralea Kinshella

Cape Town, Western Cape

We bought the Albex Foamer Lemon. This is a fantastic product. Incredible. My shower is sparkling. The mildew is off. My floors are sparkling. This is the only cleaning product you will ever need. Thank you so much for a fantastic product at a good price. Well done.

Jacqueline Butt Bierman

Cape Town, Western Cape

Hi wil net se, so n rukkie terug het julle gepost om albex te gebruik om jou kussings skoon te kry. Mense ek was skepties en het dit self tot die toets geplaas.....en......dit werk hoor! Jy moet dit net lekker laat soak. Soms het dit n repeat nodig veral as dit erg lyk. Dankie dis al. Totsiens.

Joan Pieterse

Cape Town, Western Cape

I was given a sample of Albex Regular Thin Bleach and it is amazing. I have a dish towel which I have tried everything to remove the stains and nothing worked, that was before I tried Albex. Wow, all the stains are out, it almost looks new.

Cathy Smit

King Williams Town, Eastern Cape

Great product. I use it on my floors, dishes, toilet, bath, walls, everywhere.

Carol Prins

Cape Town, South Africa

Albex have really excelled themselves!

Ines Barker

Cape Town, Western Cape

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