Blast Away Bathroom Scum

August 22, 2016



We’ve got nothing against hard work, but scrubbing is so 5 years ago. Albex™ Bleach Foamer keeps the elbow grease to a minimum as it delivers serious cleaning and disinfecting power. Just spray it on, and let the foaming power of Albex™ bring that sparkle back to your bathroom surfaces.


The easiest way to disinfect your bathroom. What you need:

  1. Albex™ Bleach Foamer (purchase from any Checkers in the Western Cape for only R26.99)


Easy Steps to a Sparkling Bathroom:

  1. Spray you tub and shower with Albex™ Bleach Foamer

  2. Make sure to target mould & mildew; any stubborn grout stains; heavy soap scum areas.

  3. Wait 10 minutes, then rinse with water.


For Very Stubborn Black Mould:

  1. Open the mesh part of the trigger and spray a thin film, onto the problem area, for direct penetration of sodium hypochlorite.

  2. Activate the mesh part of the trigger and spray the foam on to the mould. You will then be applying different streams of liquid and this will help in removing the mould even more effectively.



Competitor Mould and Mildew Cleaners do not contain any surfactants, therefore the clinging ability of the liquid when sprayed is very poor and the active disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite) isn’t strong, because the contact time is only a few seconds and complete penetration of the disinfectant into the mould is compromised.


Albex™ Bleach Foamer has a formula that is made up of surfactants and the active ingredient Sodium Hypochlorite.


Surfactants are essential in allowing the hypochlorite solution to penetrate the building material reaching the hyphae, or roots of the mould.


Our 3.5% Sodium hypochlorite solution is one of the most aggressive and strongest disinfectants in the world. The fact that our product contains surfactants amplifies the removal of the targeted stain.

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