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Our story starts 60 years ago, when a chemical engineer opened Albion Chemical Company in Barnard Street, Cape Town in 1958. In 1964 the company moved into Paarden Eiland, where we are still based today. In 1976 the factory burned down and had to be rebuilt and renovated.

Family Members


The flagship product of Albion Brands is the Albex™ Bleach range, launched in the 1960's. The Albion family grew in 2014 with the launch of Albex™ Thick Bleach and Albex™ Bleach Foamer. In 2016 we welcomed the new Albex™ Nostain Colour-Safe Fabric Stain Remover range. In 2017, with the drought looming over our heads in Cape Town, we decided to bring out our latest product, Albex™  Noflush.

Fun Fact: Albex™ Unique Black Bottles​

Albion Chemical Company used to own Perfecto Plastics, who produced the bottles for Albex Bleach. In order to keep the price as low as possible for consumers, Perfecto Plastics would use the most affordable raw material available – regardless of the colour. Thus, in the beginning Albex Bleach used to be packaged in an array of different colours. After shutting down Perfecto Plastics, Albion sourced the most affordable plastic for Albex Bleach, which was black plastic. Albex has been packaged in it's trademark black plastic since 1976.​

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