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Truth And Myth

Myth #1: Bleach Harms The Environment

Household bleach begins and ends as salt water in a fully sustainable cycle. During consumer use and disposal, bleach quickly breaks down to salt and water. Bleach does not contaminate ground water because it does not survive sewage treatment, either in municipal sewage treatment plans or in septic systems.

Myth #2: Bleach Causes Cancer

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, concluded that hypochlorite salts, including sodium hypochlorite (bleach), are not cancer-causing.

Myth #3: Bleach Harms Aquatic Life

Everyday consumer and commercial use of bleach as directed for laundry or in disinfecting surfaces around the home or public places do not produce harmful effects on the environment. Bleach degrades primarily into salt and water and the remaining 2 percent to 5 percent is effectively treated by municipal waste water treatment plants or septic systems.

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